The Idea

Protecting the foot was probably one of the main reasons people started wearing shoes, and certainly this seems the case for the creation of the oldest leather shoe. Rugged terrain, sharp stones and prickly bushes called for high-quality and strong shoes which also needed to have the ability to enable people to cope with extreme temperature, freezing winters and long travels. But then shoes began to carry different meaning. Specific tribes wore specific leather shoes as part of the outfit to distinguish their identity and values. More importantly, certain appearance of a shoe meant belonging to a particular tribe. Identity, values and belonging became the drive of the makings of leather shoes.
The ancient leather shoes may have been made from brown bearskin and bark-string net which pulled tight around the foot to maximize most comfortable fitting, shape and design. Preservation of quality was dependable on dry and cool cave environment to the ingredients of which the shoes were made. This classic way of making and preserving the quality of leather shoes has carved its way into the making and preserving modern leather shoes. To this day, high quality modern leather shoes are made of quality leather which optimises most comfortable fitting, shape and design and kept under dry and cool temperature to preserve its quality throughout the years.
With the fascination towards footwear, ZEVIN founders traced back its respect towards the highest quality of shoes made in history and had decided to recreate the classy, high quality, sturdy and prestigious type of shoes into Indonesian market: leather shoes for men. 



The root from which leather shoes stemmed for has made way for modern leather shoes. Ancient leather shoes may have inspired the modern male slipper-style shoes or deck shoes. At ZEVIN, we strive to deliver the most unique design of leather shoes which follows the fashion trend and represent the identity of its owner. At ZEVIN, we strive to reach beyond the exterior inspiration and stay true to the essential roots of leather shoes: the fact that a pair of good and high-quality modern leather shoes is never compromised of its functionality and design for style, neither will it diminish the importance of values, identity and belonging that makes it unique, special, and different than any other footwear.
ZEVIN comes with its impeccable choice of leather for the shoes, classy packaging box, and classic way of making leather shoes which ensures the highest quality products to leave the assembly line. Our products are named after bird names with which we share the freedom to soar highly to unknown places with strength and lightness. ZEVIN aspires to be a part of individuals who thrive for free-spirited and high quality life. ZEVIN understands a good life is a life full of zest, risks and adventures that grow an individual into an elevated human being and takes the core of that value into the high quality shoes it aspires to create for the shoe-owners. Along with the spirit of development and growth of its customers, ZEVIN continuously develops new products and designs which break through the standard norms of footwear.

Zevin Today

A shoe is never merely a purchase. It is often a symbol of prestige. But ZEVIN shoes are not simply a symbol of prestige that creates additional man-made self worth. It is a symbol of prestige for privileged owners of high quality shoes that will not settle for anything less than the best. ZEVIN identifies with individuals who know the worth of their individuality and who always looks forward to have the best life they can attain. With its light sole technology and scrupulous attention to details, ZEVIN only serves to produce high-quality leather shoes that will take its owners to elevated sense of life and long journeys, far travels and extreme risk-taking and life-altering experiences as it is the only how a life should be lived.

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