Wed, 30 September 2015

Brightspot Market 2015 - Street Fair


Zevin just launched our new collection last week at Brightspot Market – Street Fair. The event was started from 17th September 2015 to 20th September 2015 at Senayan City, Jakarta. We have displayed three new articles and several previous collections in our classy designed booth.



With selected leather and high attention to detail, we try to capture that classic image in to our new articles. The first collection which is called Boatbill is our latest generation of the first Boatbill with new shoelast and details. This kind of boatshoes is really fit for you who wants to dress casual with jeans or chinos.



The second article named Tern. Also the continuation of our previous collection, but now we are trying to use our Zevin lite sole which is really comfy and light. This kind of longwing shoes is really perfect for you who wants to dress semi formal or just casual. Made from pull up leather with brown color.




The last but not least is our own boots called Starling. It is a split toe boots which has classic design and comes with really nice brown color.




You can look in to all of our collections here on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions.


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