How to Shop

1. Browse Store
  • Click on the “Shop" link on the top of our page.
  • Browse through our shoe collection.
  • You can also view shoes by categories.        
2. Shoe Collection
  • Select the shoes that you would like to purchase.
  • Specify the correct size and quantity.
3. Customer Sign In
  • At this stage, you will be asked either to sign in (if you have registered earlier) or register to the website.
 4. Shopping Bag
  • Once you have selected the shoes, click “Order Now”. 
  • Review the shoes in “Your Bag" - to ensure you have selected the right size and quantity.
  • Click "Continue Shopping" if you wish to add more shoes to your "Shopping Bag". 
  • Click "Proceed to Order" when you have finished shopping.
5. Provide Shipping Details
  • Please specify the shipping details such as receiver's name and address.
  • Kindly ensure all details specified here are correct – spelling mistakes/typos may result in courier service failure or delivery delays.
  • To finalize your order, click "Proceed to Order".
6. Confirm Payment
  • After you received an email confirmation, please kindly pay the bill within 1 day and directly confirm your payment. You can find it at the bottom of every page in our website.
  • Put your “Order Number” which you can see from the email.
  • Kindly ensure all details specified here are correct.
  • To finalize, click "Submit".

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