We understand that the shoes that you wear are a way to show off your own unique style, the way to communicate without saying any words. Handcrafted shoes made by seasoned artisans are built to last, but even the best quality still needs extra care when it comes to old age.
As a passionate shoemaking entrepreneur, our service team will gladly restore your worn out pair of shoes that we’ve made, back to its prime condition, even the old ones.
Crepe Sole
Known as one of the most comfortable shoe sole ever made, however you still need to look out for gasoline and oil and the sorts, to prevent ruining the sole. It is due to the raw rubber, one of the raw materials in making the soles which are oil soluble.
The comfort that is still preserved until today,  the classical smooth flooring for your Eider, Tern Longwing and Vulture boots 1st generation are ready to be restore.
Lite Sole
As the technology in shoe industry rises, innovations bring us to develop the new outsole with eva and rubber material that is comfortable, lightweight and reliable too. With a bold and stager looks, and also comfortable when worn on extended durations, we suggest you to use this outsole for Tern Longwing, Cormorant series and Vulture boots.
Leather Rubber (Goodyearwelt Construction)
The Goodyearwelt Construction known as the most stubborn and reliable for your everyday shoes, you don’t even have to think to change your shoes. But when dealing with age, they still need your help too. We provide services for you to resole your worn out ZEVIN boots that was made using Goodyearwelt Construction.


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